Chapter One: Finding a Princess

OakensteadThis is Oakenstead, the beautiful plot of land where the Blue Dynasty will unfold!

Prince Cobalt had just enough money from the sale of his disassembled spaceship to purchase this plot of land and have a few Simoleans left over.  However, he decided not to buy anything for himself at first, but to focus on finding a job and a suitable princess!

Cobalt meets Liberty

I decided on the Astronaut career for Cobalt, since he already has a bit of experience with interstellar travel.  He took a job as a lowly Intern, and then his next stop was Magnolia Blossom Park to look for likely ladies while he enjoyed the fresh air.  The very first person he met was Liberty Lee, who was unfortunately ineligible for marriage, but they did have a nice game of chess.


Soon Nathalie came up to talk to the two of them, and Cobalt immediately started evaluating her as a possible bride.  She was family-oriented, which was a huge plus, since Cobalt wanted to have as many children as possible.  Unfortunately, she was also childish and insane.  But given that Cobalt lived in an open field, insanity was not necessarily a dealbreaker.


Next candidate: Susan.  Good, clumsy, childish.  Nothing particularly to recommend her, but Cobalt couldn’t afford to mark her off the list, since she was single and had no glaring faults.


Then Robyn strolled by.  Cobalt was captivated by her green eyes and uh… generous assets.  She was a geek, which was cute, and cheerful, which was wonderful!  But… noncommittal.  Uh oh.  Cobalt didn’t have time to woo a reluctant lady who might be nearing the end of her childbearing years anyhow, for all he knew.  Dealbreaker.

Free lunch

All this cold-blooded analysis of childbearing specimens made Cobalt pretty hungry!  Luckily, Magnolia Blossom was the kind of place where people regularly made giant platters of hot dogs and then abandoned them, so filling his belly was not exactly a challenge.  Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

Park bench nap

The park is also a great place to catch a few Z’s if you happen to be homeless.

09-14-14_5-34 AM

Working out regularly is important for the astronaut career, so once Cobalt had caught enough bench-naps to refresh himself, he headed to the gym.  There he found a cute personal trainer named Mia who was good (good!), active (good!) and… materialistic.  Probably going to be an issue for a homeless guy.  Dealbreaker.  But by the time they finished their little training session they were friends anyhow.  A guy can always use some friends!

The gym was also a great place for a free shower, so Cobalt went to his first day of work in a great mood from his workout, his new friend, and the fancy shower massage.  He worked hard and came home to be promoted to Module Cleaner!

Module Cleaner

Now here is where most Legacy Sims would start buying beds and toilets and so on, but Prince Cobalt isn’t your average Legacy founder, no sir.  He is royalty.  He despises cheap furnishings, and would rather scavenge off the bounty of nature than waste his hard-earned Simoleans on a bunch of junk that will break every two days.  So for now, his home lot remains a pristine field of grass.  Back to the search for a spouse!

Picnic with Nathalie

Since Nathalie the loon was the most appealing prospect so far for mothering a brood of children, Cobalt invited her to the park to become friends, share some free hot dogs, and to furtively check out other potential mates.


Cobalt invites another cutie to pay a game of chess, but oops!  She’s a teen.  We’ll just pretend that never happened…  But seriously folks, you can tell teens from adults if you look hard enough.  It’s a hard thing to describe, but once you see them side by side enough it gets pretty easy to tell.  Compare Alice here to the several adults Cobalt has wooed and you can see that aside from just being thinner, she looks a little more “childlike” somehow.  Face shape maybe?  Head size?  Hard to say, but I know it when I see it now.


While napping on a bench during the night, Cobalt spotted this insane cutie grilling hot dogs.  The nice thing about crazy girls (you can spot them by their paint-spattered shirts and their tendencies to nap on park benches) is that they’re virtually always single.  Unfortunately, this one was also evil.  Cobalt decided he could do better.  He did, however, eat the hot dogs she so nicely abandoned after making.

TV & Workout

In the morning, Cobalt found a brilliant way to multitask.  Watching the cooking channel while working out!  Have some Fun, learn to cook, and meet your daily workout quota for your career!  Follow it up with a free high-quality shower and you’re good to go, Your Highness.

Mia on the treadmill

Mia was there on the next treadmill, and they really started to become good pals, although sadly her Materialistic trait makes her a bad match for a Legacy founder.

Technician promotion

Thanks to all that resourcefulness and hard work, Cobalt is promoted to Technician (Level 3) at the end of his shift.  Now it’s time to start spending that money!

Cobalt's bed

Cobalt's toilet

Obviously the most important thing is the bed, since naps on park benches are not the most efficient way to get the necessary rest.  He gets himself a nice luxurious one.  And since he has enough Simoleans left over, and often wakes up needing to visit the loo, he buys himself a decent quality toilet as well.


At the park he meets a hotheaded, lazy music lover named Jayla.  Not a dealbreaker, but nothing really helpful to a man founding a dynasty, either, so he files her away in the “friend” category.

Chess with Nathalie

So, time to deepen his friendship with Nathalie, all the while still keeping one eye open for a better catch.  It would help if that old lady with the gardening apron would stop pestering the possible future couple.  But hm, who’s that cutie over yonder?


“Hi, I’m Ashlyn!  Yes, I’m totally single!  What?  No, this isn’t my son!  I have no kids at all.  In fact, I totally HATE them!  Get this little rugrat away from me!”  Instant dealbreaker.  Looks like Nathalie is the best shot after all; time’s a’wastin’.  Cobalt asks her out on a date.

Nathalie swoons

That’s what you decide to wear on a date, Nathalie?  Really?  Oh well, we already knew she was crazy.  The date goes pretty well, though Nathalie runs hot and cold and Cobalt ends up apologizing a lot when she randomly decides his flirting is too much.  Frustrating!

Command Center promotion

Things are going well at work, though, and Cobalt gets promoted to Command Center Lead!  This calls for another purchase!

Cobalt's bathtub/shower

Cobalt gets himself a good-quality shower/bathtub combo in an old-timey style to match the toilet.  He likes the elegance of the antique look.  Now he can spend a lot more time on his home lot, buck naked and soapy under the balmy sun, listening to the honking of the swans at the nearby brook… ahhhh.  This is the life.  Who needs a palace?  Here he is spiffing himself up for a second date with Nathalie…

Seriously, Nathalie?

Seriously, Nathalie?  Seriously??

Night club date

Just remember, she wants kids, Cobalt.  Lots and lots and lots of kids.  And since she’s childish and crazy, she won’t criticize your weird lifestyle, and it’s not like there are any better– wait.  Who is that at the other end of the bar??


*cue love-at-first-sight music*

09-14-14_7-27 AM

Her name is Alexa.  That’s a princess name if I ever heard one.  And she looks so young.  Not jailbait young, but plenty-of-childbearing-years-left young.  And she just came to sit next to you.  Be cool, Cobalt, be cool.  Ahem.  Anyway, it’s rude not to pay attention to your date.  You came with Nathalie, remember?  Wait, Alexa says she’s a hopeless romantic??  You mean she’s easy to woo?

NATHALIE WHO?  Go get ‘er, Your Highness.

Cobalt and Alexa

She’s not only romantic, but outgoing, and self-assured just like you?  It seems you have found your princess, Your Highness.  But take it slow.  I’ve heard that men who propose too soon can die of embarrassment, and we wouldn’t want that, would we?

Chess set

For Cobalt’s next purchase he opts for a chess set to help him out with his career.  Meanwhile he plans to become better friends with Alexa.

Chatting with gal pals

Cobalt invites Alexa out to the park, but being the outgoing sort, she immediately makes some new friends and can’t seem to tear herself away.  Cobalt catches up with rejected mates Jayla and Robyn while he waits for Alexa to remember he exists.  One can never have too many friends!

Picnic with Alexa

If Alexa is turned off by the way Cobalt steals free hot dogs, it doesn’t seem to show.  They’re getting along great!  He asks her on an official date to the Blue Velvet Nightclub (he has to love that name, right?)

Date with Alexa

Cobalt: You look beautiful.

Alexa: Baby, I know it!

Dancing Queen

All she wants to do is dance, dance…  Oh brother.  Bartender, I’ll have another.

Cobalt and Alexa cuddle

At last, some quality time.  Now all that’s left is for Cobalt to use his princely charm to sweep the romantic Alexa off her feet.

Hand kiss

That ought to do it.

Passionate kiss

Oh, myyyyyyy.

Dubious look

Cobalt takes her back to his “place” and asks if she wants to stay the night.  Ummm, okay, I guess?  It’s not weird that there’s a bed, toilet, bathtub and chessboard just sitting in the middle of a field, right?

09-14-14_8-46 AM

Not too weird for these two lovebirds.  WooHoo!  After their adventure beneath the sheets, they sleep the night away, under the stars.  In the morning Cobalt lets Alexa sleep in, then asks her to be his girlfriend and moves her in.  She brings 19,900 Simoleans with her, so he can start getting things they both need to be truly happy.  No, those things do not, at this point, involve walls.  Priorities, people.  Quality furniture matters way  more than walls to this outdoors-lover.

Master Chef

Turns out Alexa, who as I guessed is a young adult, wants more than anything to be a Master Chef.  Could Cobalt have chosen a more perfect little wife?  So she will need a good quality fridge and countertop, as well as an elegant place to eat the food she makes.  No stove yet, though.  We’re not going to risk losing either of these lovely young people to a fire until we’ve got an heir and a spare at the very least.  Salads and sandwiches it is.

Washing up

Dirty dishes call for a sink, and having a workout machine around will help Cobalt advance faster in his job, so…

New weight machine

Luckily the fanciest model comes in blue!  That’s Cobalt whipping out his phone to start planning his wedding… but oops he forgot one minor detail: proposing to the lady.  Let’s do that first, hotshot.  (And don’t be nervous just because this part literally killed your previous incarnation…  I promise you’ve got it in the bag this time, dude.)


“Alexa, will you do me the honor of being Princess of a planet you’ve never heard of, that’s covered in toxic radiation, and marrying a man who sleeps on his own lawn?”


“Oh, Cobie, of course!  You’ve made me the happiest girl in the world!  And probably that other world too, given that it sounds pretty miserable over there.”

Wedding arch

Now of course there is no way that a Crown Prince of a lost planet is going to have some quick little elopement, no sir.  He needs to throw a big wedding bash and invite all his friends.  Which in this case means, all seven of the women he decided not to marry, basically.

Baking a cake

Since Alexa is an aspiring cook, of course she volunteered to make the wedding cake.


Ta da!

Angry guest

The guests arrived in a big pack, and Cobalt was so distracted he didn’t even notice which one of them kicked over his trash can in a jealous rage.


Alexa decided to serve as bartender too.  Which meant, of course, buying a bar.  They picked one that blended nicely with their dining table and kitchen cabinets.

The ceremony

Now time for the big event!  I now pronounce you Prince and Princess.

You can see all seven of the guests here, though one of them elected to stand for unknown reasons.  You can also see the lovely swans (or geese or ducks or something, I’m not a zoologist) paddling on the brook in the background.  A sunset wedding outdoors – how romantic!


Now all the guests chow down on the cake.  Check out Mia’s triceps over there on the right; holy smokes!  Easy to spot the personal trainer, huh?  And I’m going to give you three guesses who that is in the purple flowered top, clashing skirt, and fedora.  Yup.  I think His Highness made the right call, here.

09-14-14_9-54 AM

The morning after the wedding night… toilet confetti!  We all know what that means.  Someone’s got an heir in the oven.

Morning sickness

Pregnancy does not appear to agree with the Princess.

09-14-14_10-05 AM

And with Monday morning come Prince Cobalt’s very first set of bills, which he has no trouble paying thanks to Alexa’s “dowry.”  And he has a pregnant wife to pay them for him.  So things are looking good for the Blue Legacy so far.  Stay tuned for Chapter Two, which will have some ridiculous “Heir” pun in the title, I assure you.

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Cobalt in CAS

Cobalt’s CAS Screen

This is my founder.  I was curious to see how many generations I could carry on his unusual coloring!  And here is his backstory:

Cobalt hails from the planet Simicron Persei 6, which recently discovered (and made heavy use of) nuclear weapons.  When radiation began killing off the few survivors of the many simultaneous world wars, the ruling family Blue attempted to evacuate, leaving behind all their many possessions.  Only one member of the Blue family survived, the crown prince Cobalt.  He was given instructions by his dying father, King Navy: to find a planet with intelligent Simoid life and keep the royal line intact for ten generations, then return to repopulate Simicron (which should be safe to live on by then).

Cobalt is sure of success, and excited to have the chance to “rough it” and explore his new beautiful planet.  After all, what young woman wouldn’t want to marry a prince?  Even if that prince is sorta kinda homeless?

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