Cobalt in CAS

Cobalt’s CAS Screen

This is my founder.  I was curious to see how many generations I could carry on his unusual coloring!  And here is his backstory:

Cobalt hails from the planet Simicron Persei 6, which recently discovered (and made heavy use of) nuclear weapons.  When radiation began killing off the few survivors of the many simultaneous world wars, the ruling family Blue attempted to evacuate, leaving behind all their many possessions.  Only one member of the Blue family survived, the crown prince Cobalt.  He was given instructions by his dying father, King Navy: to find a planet with intelligent Simoid life and keep the royal line intact for ten generations, then return to repopulate Simicron (which should be safe to live on by then).

Cobalt is sure of success, and excited to have the chance to “rough it” and explore his new beautiful planet.  After all, what young woman wouldn’t want to marry a prince?  Even if that prince is sorta kinda homeless?

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